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[bpfk-announce] Don't wait for me...

I want to point out that if any of you want to just grab a section
and take a crack at it, you are absolutely welcome to do so in
absence of my formal say-so.

This contradicts somewhat my previous stance, but since so far there
have been exactly zero cases of two people wanting to take the same
section, I don't think it's a problem.

Please leave the Magic Words sections alone, though; those are mine.
See the checkpoints page.

Besides magic words and the stuff that's already taken, I think all
the rest are pretty easy.  Basically just busy work fleshing out the
definitions, for the most part.  Just grab some stuff from "gadri"
or "subordinators" as examples for formatting and go for it.

We could really use more people to spread the work among; as it is,
it's looking like Arnt, Jorge and I are going to be taking the vast
majority of it, which sucks for us.

Please note that nothing is considered finalized in any sense until
it has been checkpointed, so start now, take your time.


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