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[bpfk-announce] Re: Current checkpoint

On 6/15/07, Adam D. Lopresto <adam@pubcrawler.org> wrote:

I'm reading this.  I think August 20th is an achievable deadline for my


The main issue I face is that a lot of the clusters don't seem to have much
meaning.  I've tried to create a standard meaning for them, but many, even if
they could mean something, seem artificial.  So we've got a few options:

1) completely exclude the less useful/used combinations

That has been my policy with the sections I'm shepherding, e.g. I didn't
bother to write a definition for {coico'o}.

2) define them, but don't create keywords for them

I've done that with some cmavo.

3) create keywords, but they'll be pretty lousy keywords

I have gone with lousy keywords even for some noncompound cmavo too.

I don't think we should worry too much about keywords, as long
as the definition is clear and some helpful example can be found or

We also need good example sentences for some of them.  So closer to the due
date, I'll probably be writing the list begging for help with examples.

je'e ki'e mi'e xorxes