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[bpfk-announce] Re: BPFK

On 12/21/06, Matt Arnold <matt.mattarn@gmail.com> wrote:
In an email today
Xorxes was very helpful when he said the possibly-controversial areas
would be "CAhA, TAhE, and perhaps something in FAhA and NU1.
Everything else (the great
majority) seems to require just grind work." I'm going to look up
those selma'o and find out what they are.

Just to clarify: There I was talking only about the currently shepherdless
sections (those marked in red). In the sections with shepherd but
not yet checkpointed I expect there will be some other points for
discussion. But still, the number of cmavo that might be controversial
is very small compared to the uncontroversial ones.

mu'o mi'e xorxes