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[bpfk-announce] Re: Lojabn Archive Scan - Draft Attitudinal Analysis

This actually came from me.  As you can probably see, I didn't black
out the stuff I was supposed to.  My bad; please ignore that stuff.


On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 10:38:34PM -0400, Robert LeChevalier wrote:
> Nora remembered how to do a scan.  Attached are scans of the two sides 
> of the sheet I mentioned in my post, the draft assignment of emotions to 
> a scale.  It's high resolution so depending on your viewer, you may need 
> to view it at something like 5% zoom.  You may be able to reduce the 
> resolution and thus the filespace, but it is only 4 meg as-is for the 
> two files, so I'm leaving that for you to decide.
> I'm sending to Jorge because he asked for it, and to Robin in case you 
> guys decide to put it on the web site.  Robin, I ask that if you do so, 
> and you have the capability, that you attempt to blot out the financial 
> transaction notes in the lower right (I don't know how using my easily 
> available software, but I'm sure that most photo editors can do so).  I 
> scribbled out the names, but I suspect that someone could read them if 
> they really wanted to.  I doubt if the names would be very important, 
> but suggest that we err on the principle of privacy protection.
> If someone can't read some word, let me know and I'll attempt to 
> interpret my scrawl.

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