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[bpfk] PLEASE BE CAREFUL about the timing of your edits.

We've had at least one case so far of on person entirely destroying
another person's cmavo definition changes.  Therefore, please:

- If the site says "someone else edited this since you started", or
  something like that, *DO NOT SAVE*.  Copy the text somewhere else,
  cancel, *RELOAD*, and try again.

- Make lots of small, quick changes.

- *RELOAD* before you start editing.



They say:  "The first AIs will be built by the military as weapons."
And I'm  thinking:  "Does it even occur to you to try for something
other  than  the default  outcome?"  See http://shrunklink.com/cdiz
http://www.digitalkingdom.org/~rlpowell/ *** http://www.lojban.org/

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