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[bpfk-announce] Re: Current checkpoint

Next deadline, this Monday:

July 9: Text Structure Discursives UI3a UI3c UI6 (Shepherd: Jorge Llambias)


All members are encouraged to read it, comment if necessary, and VOTE!
(If you are not voting because of trouble with your login, you may need
to check the "remember me" box in order to log in. That seems to be a
bug with the wiki.)

These two sections are done and awaiting official checkpointing:
June 18: Digressives SEI SEhU TO TOI (Shepherd: Jorge Llambias)
June 25: Vocatives COI DOI DOhU (Shepherd: Jorge Llambias)

Arnt is in the process of changing jobs and he doesn't have time at
the moment to give the finishing touches to his sections, so I propose
moving them to the end of the series:
July 2: Evidentials UI2 (Shepherd: Arnt Johansen)
July 9: Discursives UI3 (Shepherd: Arnt Johansen)

Moved to:
September 3: Evidentials UI2 (Shepherd: Arnt Johansen)
September 10: Discursives UI3 (Shepherd: Arnt Johansen)

ki'e mi'e xorxes