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Re: Anything but tautologies (was: Re: [jboske] Re: [lojban] tautologies

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, And Rosta wrote:

> Xod:
> #Anyway, whatever is in the 4th place of fancu needs to be interpreted as a
> #function. If I stick "1" in there, it can only mean a function that
> #returns "1" for all arguments, right?
> No. Like Jorge, I think that the bridi would be making the (false?) claim
> that 1 is a function. [I know that on some stories, numbers or at least
> the naturals are indeed defined as functions (though from what to
> what, I can't remember), but I don't think that's pertinent to the current
> discussion.)

The function body goes in fancu4, whether that function expression is a
transcendental trig function, a polynonial, or whatever. "1" is a
perfectly legitimate polynomial of degree zero. Do I need to tag the fact
that fancu4 is a function?

The tao that can be tar(1)ed
is not the entire Tao.
The path that can be specified
is not the Full Path.