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Re: fancu (was: Re: [lojban] Re: [jboske] RE: Anything but tautologies

la pycyn. cusku di'e

> <Adam:
> > fancu1 = fancu4 always, doesn't it? Aside from {du}, is there
> > any other selbri with this curious behaviour?
> Actually, I think it's pretty common. Most obviously, the 'mass'
> gismu: 'gunma' (x1=x2) and 'girzu' (x1=x3, at least with your
> masses-instead-of-sets usage), and of course all the PAmei's, when
> use masses as the second place. >
> No, the mass is in Lojban a different thing from the things that
compose it,
> as is a group (Quine would not like this, but the logics are surely
> different). But the second place of {PAmei} is labelled a set.

What's the difference? 'lei gerku cu gunma lei gerku' What do you put
in the second place?

> Would you really, if you were going to use the critter a lot or if
you were
> explaining it or reminding someone what it is for something like
successor or
> sine or any other common function or special one you needed?
People often
> don't and it is handy to have this device available.

Sure, if you need to use it a lot 'fancycme' isn't really so long.

mu'o mi'e .adam.