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Re: [jboske] Lojbab on tu'o (was: RE: RE: Nick on

la djan cusku di'e

> Nora asks, what do we do with "zi'o blanu". She suspects that Xod would
> like to contemplate that as a Whorfian mind-blower; the projection analysis
> of zi'o would seem to indicate a meaning of some sort.

Sure. It's a complete bridi, and it's false, you can say that much
right off (because the set of sumti-sequences that makes it true is null).

That's an odd definition of false. So would you say that {zi'o na blanu} is a tautology?

I think {zi'o blanu} can be claimed when there is blueness
present but there is nothing of which we can or want to claim
that it is blue. {zi'o blanu} and {zi'o xunre} are different

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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