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Re: [jboske] The compromise of uncomprehension

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Nick Nicholas wrote:

> As is very clear, I just don't get what And, Jorge and xod clearly get.
> So I'll let them be able to say what they want (without getting it),
> and move on.

Don't accuse me of getting anything! I'll deny it to the end. I just want
loi to have a single meaning, and stop fielding two as-yet-unified
meanings (substance and collective), which have very different entailments
whether pondered in English or Lojban. When I start writing Lojban once
more (see? natural evolution and usage!), I am fairly sure that I will
only use loi for collective. There must be a way to describe substances
using individual gadri, whether an arbitrarily-sized lump is considered an
individual {glass of water = 1 lo ci'i[1] djacu}, or whether all of the
water is considered a single entity {glass of water = piso'u lo [1]
djacu}. I don't care which.

// if (!terrorist)
// ignore ();
// else
collect_data ();