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Re: [jboske] Mr Ma'u

la djan cusku di'e

And Rosta scripsit:

> Mr Ma'u (alias Mr Za'uno, Mr Number, PA-kind) is the kind of all
> numbers greater than 0, used as a quantifier when the most we can
> say is that there is more than 0 of something.
> Used as a digit in combination with other digits, it could do
> something similar and generalize over 0-9. So the 1990s would
> be {pa so so Mr.-Ma'u}. {pa Mr.-Ma'u ji'i} might give you 1-100.
> {pa Mr.-Ma'u} might by stipulation give you 1-10.

These seem contradictory: Mr.-Ma'u as stand-alone can't be zero, but Mr.-Ma'u
as digit must be zero. Furthermore, Mr.-Ma'u by itself on the *second*
interpretation would be 0-9.

He is conflating Mr. Number with Mr. Digit, something which is nonsense, but very Lojbanic.

And further furthermore, I do not understand how the rules for Kinds apply
to things like numbers, that are inherently noematic already. How is the
Kind of 9 different from just 9? The Kind of "9" (mo'e so) is intelligible,
but not the Kind of 9 (li so).

I don't think the Kind of 9 is different from just 9, but he is talking of the Kind of namcu, of which 9 is a subkind.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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