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[jbovlaste] Place keywords (was: Re: [lojban-beginners] Re: Simple Lojban email conversation, anyo ne interested in taking part ?)

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Newton, Philip wrote:

la camgusmis cu cusku di'e

That's missing a place keyword for "3."; I suggest something like "3. bus
method of propulsion".

I'm not sure how to add to a jbovlaste definition and don't want to create
an entirely new one of "my own", so I'm posting here.

"bus method of propulsion" is not a normal English word or phrase, so it should not be in the dictionary.

Gloss words and place keywords is for reverse lookup. I usually add as many as I think is reasonable for anyone to look for in the natlang dictionary, but no more than that.

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