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[jbovlaste] Re: Terminology usage of words

On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 02:19:39PM +0700, Yanis Batura wrote:
> There are words that have a special meaning in the corresponding field.
> For example, chess figures are called:
> pawn  {sonci}
> knight {xirma} or {xirno'i}
> bishop {xanto}
> rook {slanydi'u}
> queen {noltruni'u}
> king {noltrunau} or {nolraitru}
> What is the best way to store information about terminological
> usage of common words such as "pawn" for {sonci}?

Word: pawn, meaning: chess usage.

Although I think I must be missing what you're asking.

By the way, for collections of words like this, you should make a
wiki page on jbovlaset.


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