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Re: [lojban] Lojban question

On Thursday 26 February 2004 17:16, stewartberntson@yahoo.com wrote:
> Is anything being done on a speech-recognition grammer for Lojban?
> Since the language designed for understandability in high-noise
> environments, it could be perfect for use as a remote speech
> interface (i.e. computer has a problem, calls the owner's cell
> (using SAPI likely), the owner could tell the computer what to do in
> lojban, which would reduce the errors in recognition with similar
> words (for example, reboot and refresh or something like that)

I don't think Lojban actually is more noise-tolerant than other languages. 
The gismu list was designed so that two gismu would not differ in the final 
vowel (except for brod*) or by one similar-sounding consonant in the same 
position, but that didn't keep me from mishearing {kansa} as {tamca} on a 
jbofongri call where the bandwidth was low. {ractu} and {ratcu} both 
designate mammals and can easily be confused. The Queen and the Duchess in 
Alice respectively noltruni'u and noltroni'u. {pixra} "picture" can be 
confused with {spixra} "mosaic". {ko'a} through {ko'u} ("he", "she", "it", 
but assigned arbitrarily, not by gender) differ only in the second vowel, 
which is usually unstressed (if it's stressed and followed by a brivla of 
more than two syllables, the word split can be misheard unless a pause is 
inserted). Substitution of /'/ for /x/ or one consonant for another which 
changes the initial-cluster status of a consonant pair can move word 
boundaries. And so on.


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