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[lojban-beginners] coi

coi do
.i mi'e kail.

So, I read (retention is another fact) through the Reference Grammar.
I have to say that lojban sounds entirely interesting.  I plan on
learning as much as I can.  I see personal potential in the language
as a way of promoting expansion of thoughts and ideas.

Of course I have many questions about the language, including some
geeky, some conversational, but I will just start off with one for
right now.

la lerfu xy.

I love the sound of the 'x', but I think I have been pronouncing it
differently than what....'proper' lojban dictates.  Looking at the
pronunciation guide, I see that 'x' is listed as an unvoiced velar
fricative.  I, however, find myself using an unvoiced uvular
fricative; the unvoiced velar fricative is near impossible for me to
pronounce without uvular usage.  Is this a big deal?  I know I read
somewhere that the sounds per lerfu were a 'set' of sounds (i.e.
trilled 'r' vs. untrilled 'r').  Anyone else use the uvular fricative
over the velar?

Also, I understand how to use lo and le. :)  From what I have been
reading, it sounds like people are getting to caught up on English
translations to determine lo/le usage: no bueno.  To me, btw, 'lo
cribe' is a perfect way to describe 'bear goo', although I hope never
to have to say it.


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