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[lojban-beginners] Re: Intonation of xu (was Re: (no subject) )

la .ian. cu cusku di'e
> Just adding "lenu" before "mi gubyternoi" should do. I did 
> want to say "the process of (testing before I publish)".
> And it seems to me that
> 	.i mi ta'e pilno ri lepu'u cipra pu lenu mi gubyternoi
> groups fine.

Yes, it does seem to. I thought you meant "I habitually use it (for the
process of testing) (before I publish)", which would have needed the extra
{kei} (or possibly also a {ku} or two). But your interpretation also makes

> "mi pilno ri" is not really that much shorter than "mi pilno mi", so 
> the "mi" is ignored by ri. (Lojban Reference Grammar, Chapter 7, 6.3)

I think it's not so much the "is shorter than" bit as the fact that "most of
the other cmavo of KOhA, and the almost-grammatically- equivalent lerfu
words of selma'o BY" are ignored by {ri}, according to the web version of
the refgramm (
http://www.lojban.org/publications/reference_grammar/chapter7.html#s6 ;
thanks, Jan, for finding the right section for me to read).

mu'omi'e filip.
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