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[lojban-beginners] Re: (No References: <200302220519.h1M5Jfs6000898@miriam.letu.edu>

On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 10:36:40AM -0600, Adam Lopresto wrote:
> .e'unai mi se cnino la lojban.
> > li pamoi
> > .i xu kakne lenu lo tanru se finti fo la'o gy. pro sumti gy.
> > 
> > In case that's wrong, here's what I wanted:  Can tanru be made with
> > pro-sumti ?  The particular sentence that brought this to mind was,
> > "Hungry, I come to the table."  There 're probably better
> > ways--which I'd like to see, also--to translate the thought, but I
> > wanted to know whether tanru even can be used with pro-sumti.
> No, I don't think you can.  A tanru can only be made out of a
> combination of brivla, and a pro-sumti represents a sumti, not a
> brivla (to my mind, an instanciation, a noun, instead of a
> relationship).

Technically incorrect:

do mi zei cinmo

"You feel like me."  Sort of.


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