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[lojban-beginners] Re: (no subject)

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Daniel E Huston wrote:

re "mi dunda ma ko"

> As a stage magician, this might be how I indicate to my volunteer to 
> pick a card from those spread in my hand.

But why would you use "ma" instead of the term for a card?  Does not "ma" 
request the hearer to fill in its meaning?

I suppose this would make sense if you're simultaneously requesting the 
listener to announce the card's value.  E.g., you already determined the 
correct card and want him to confirm that it's the same card.
> You're thinking in terms of English; don't be surprised if in Lojban you 
> can phrase sentences that aren't easily rendered in English. Lojban 
> words do not form the same "parts of speech" as English, so why should 
> we expect to marshal them the same way?

I don't.  I just can't think in Lojban yet.  Give me a few more weeks. :-)

mylisys XOLynswyrt
mi tadni la lojban