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Yary Hluchan, est, and the use of the list

Yary posted his message at my request, although I had already answered 
his questions.  I also urge ALL OF YOU to ask your questions to the 
whole net, not just me.  Not only don't I have time to answer all of them
I don't necessarily know the best answer to all qwuestions.  I want the
feedback that goes between users.
   I therefore STONGLY OBJECT to est's comments/suggestions that
1) Yary's questions were in any way stupid, or should not have been posted
to the net
2) that anyone with questions should send them to one private person

Yary's questions were on the whole comparable to most questions I get,
and it is worthwhile if they get answered for everyone, and that if
any reader is unsatisfied with the answer, that they either ask more
questions (if they didn't understand) or that they give a better answer
(if they think they can).

I have also directed est and others NOT to distribute lojban materials
by e-mail.  All of these materials are draft, and I want to keep track of
who has them, so that when we update things, people get the updates and
we don't have obsolete stuff floating freely on the net.  Please! respect
my wishes on this - I have to deal with the questions from people who 
don't understand things.  Everyone gets order forms with their issues
and we'll happily send materials that you ask for.

I WILL, within a couple of weeks, be sending some of our most stable and
widely distributed stuff to the Planned languages server.  But I want to
choose the material, and to make sure that it is in a form I approve - this
seems reasonable since I wrote most of it.  The grammar will
not be posted till after LogFest.  It is too unstable (and the version that
est had and tried to post was obsolete by the time he got it, I sent him a
working, untested version).

end of angry diatribe