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Re: uunet!cbmvax!snark.thyrsus.com!lojbab

I'll have to think about [your] mathematical analogy, and not at long-
distance rates.  I suggest bringing John Cowan into the discussion too,
since he can probably comment more intelligently at that level.  Send
a copy of your last to cowan@marob.masa.com
John has inceidentally been able to reduce the machine grammar to 2 pages of
BNF.  The language really isn't that complicated, though I understand that
you would like it simpler.  I think that what we have though will support
a variety of linguistic research efforts, not just S-W, and we may gain some
respect in academia.  We recently got about a month's worth of respectful
hearing and discussion on sci.lang, with surprising support from the 
linguists who were not dedicated Chomskyians.