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Re: Lojban Stability

> Date:  Wed, 28 Nov 90 14:13:47 EST
> To:  lojban-list@snark.thyrsus.com
> From:  cowan@marob.masa.com (John Cowan)
> Subject:  Lojban Stability

> There is fear abroad in Lojbanistan, it seems.  People are afraid to write
> things in the language, to use the language, because what they write or
> say may become "obsolete":  ...
> So let's try at least to make some stab at using our language, for only so
> will it become truly ours.

Right on!  It was only by actually trying to use Old Loglan that I was
led to appreciate both the good parts and the bad, a process which
after quite a number of convolutions by quite a number of people led
to the rebirth of Lojban.  Lojban has to be used and used and used until
the rough edges get worn off.  

Thanks for "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".  

		-- jimc