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A lurker speaks out

To: >INTERNET:lojban-list@snark.thyrsus.com

Hello all.  I wish to respond to lojbab's recent
posting re: lack of response to postings, etc.

As a "lurker", i.e. someone who has been an
entirely passive observer to the exchanges thus
far, I'd like to express my appreciation for all
the good information and stimulating 
speculation being generated here.

As far as I know, this is the only forum where
certain questions are being asked.  So important, 
in my eyes, that I am trying to stimulate 
discussion of planned and Whorfian languages 
in Objectivist circles here in L.A. 

The simple consideration of language as a 
concept-limiting parameter is not obvious even
in the most "sophisticated" of discussions I've
been on lately, and seems to take people by

I've been incredibly busy, with an extended 
business trip to Europe, and getting back into
school, that I haven't taken the time to really
learn the fundamentals of lojban yet.  I hope to
do that very soon, and bring myself back into the
learning loop.

In the meantime, I've been archiving the email 
generated here thus far.  It should be an
invaluable adjunct to my education.  It's a delight to
see ideas evolve so quickly.

Just a short note to let you guys know that someone
appreciates your work, and will use it soon.

Russell E. Whitaker