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Help, drowning in mail

I'm afraid I must say goodbye and ask to be deleted from the list.
Although people are saying things that are worth reading, I've
been getting (a) multiple copies of some messages, (b) error messages
from CompuServe's gateway, FidoNet's gateway, and a French gateway,
and [I think] (c) missing messages (I've seen some that are replies to
things I haven't seen.)

The combination of the multiple messages, error messages, and missing
messages, coupled with the sheer volume involved (two dozen messages
received daily, about five of which seem to be "real" ones, the rest
either clones or errors) is making things difficult for me, and so
I will reluctantly take my leave...

P.S.  I'm sorry if any of you get extra copies of this, copies that
bounced when someone's CompuServe account filled up, etc.

James "Kibo" Parry       kibo@rpi.edu
132 Beacon St. #213, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 262-3922