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upcoming trip to San Francisco

Nora and I are now definite in our plans to visit San Francisco later
this month.  We will NOT be going to LA or San Diego, alas.  We expect
to arrive in SF on Thurs afternoon, the 18th of April, and stay until
Monday noon the 29th of April.

We will be giving various talks and meeting with as many Lojbanists as
possible during our trip.  Here is what is set so far:

Wed the 24th, at 1:10 PM, I will be lecturing at a class of Robert Gorsch,
who teaches Semiotics at St. Mary's College in Orinda.  This will be an hour
long, but IU'll be trying to arrange for a continuing questiona and answer
session if we can find a place for same.   If so, I may do my own version
of Athelstan;s Lojban mini-lesson for people who want to learn the langauge.

Sun or Mon nite the 21st/22nd in the evenoing, I will be at Donald Simpson's
house on Kains St. in Albany.  This is primarily for active Lojbanists, or
at least for those who know something about the language, and I'll probably
be doing a mini-lesson there, too , as well as talking about whatever people
want to talk about.  This will not be widely advertised because it will be
a living room affair - but we should be able to fit anyone receiving this
message who wants to come.  Please let me know ASAP for planning purposes.

Dr. Gorsch's class also will have some allowance for drop-ins to attend, if
it fits your schedule.

Dave Cortesi is coordinating efforts to put together a meeting in the 
South Peninsula/Silicon Valley area.  This will probably be a larger gathering
because we are planning to advertise it to sci.lang and soc.culture.esperanto
for the sf bay area net people, and one person will be posting notices as
Ames Research Center.  But we don;t yet have a meeting place, hence no date.
We prefer a weekday evening, with a weekend possible if necessary.  Anyone 
who can help on a meeting place, please contact Dave Cortesi 415-321-1986 home
or 415-926-6641 work ASAP.  You can also contact Dave to find out the latest 

Doug Landauer may be helping Dave, and/or setting up another meeting possbly
tied to UC Santa Cruz, but nothing is planned yet.  

My intent is to have at least one open meeting to attract new people and get
people together, somewhere in the South Bay area, and to have a second meeting
or a follow-up after the open meeting where I will meet with people who are
actively interested in studying, to present a mini-lesson, or discuss more
advanced topics.

In general, during weekdays I am reasonably flexible to meet with individuals
who cannot make one of the group meetings, but this will probably be on a
first come first serve basis.  So let me know.

I will mail out a flyer at the end of the coming week to everyone on our
SF area mailing list, including inactives, giving our known schedule at that 
time.  So if you have any inputs, requests, or whatever that may affect this
schedule, we need to hear from you.  (Tellephone calls may be more dependable
than the net, byu the way - my phone is 703-385-0273 here in Virginia.