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[lojban] Re: capybara

Is it just me, or are syllables with both a closing diphthong and a final sonorant (especially a rhotic) hard to pronounce and mildly ugly-sounding? I have a hard time pronouncing /ʒaʊr/ as anything but [ʒawər], which I guess is okay, since the latter doesn't seem to misparse. Still, I'll vote against jaurxarju and for tciuiro.

On Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 3:18:08 AM UTC-4, Pierre Abbat wrote:
The capybara is called in several languages, including biological Latin, by
words meaning "water pig". Should we call it {jaurxarju} or something else
like {tciuiro} (what it's called in Colombia)?

The Black Garden on the Mountain is not on the Black Mountain.

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