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[lojban] Re: Wrote my first twenty definitions on Jbovlaste — looking to have them reviewed.

After posting this, I wrote a bunch of low-effort cmevla entries. These I'm less concerned about; I'm looking for other pairs of eyes mainly on the first twenty definitions (from top).

On Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 10:10:04 PM UTC-4, xabju wrote:
Hello, all,

I'm still a rank beginner at Lojban, but I noticed some lexical gaps and got to work filling them today. I've written twenty definitions on Jbovlaste so far, but they're generally far from perfect. I'm wondering if any of you could look them over and help me revise them. I will defer to the experts.

In particular, I'm concerned I haven't gotten the place structures right. At the superficial level, I haven't been sure when to use simple variables like "x1", "x2", etc., and when to use compound ones like "m2=z3", etc. (Actually, I don't quite have the vocabulary to say what the problems are. What do you call an "x1" thingy? A variable? A place abbreviation? A slot name?) The instructions on the site were not so clear to me. I'm also not sure I've gotten the underlying semantics and syntax right for a few.

Thanks in advance!

mi'e la xabju

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