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Re: [lojban] Re: jbonunsla post-2015?

On 6/9/2018 3:30 PM, xabju wrote:
First question mark is a typo. More generally, it appears that Lojbanistan has been in a period of relative inactivity for several years, and I wonder why that is.

I think that actually there has been a considerable increase in activity, BUT, it is not the sort of activity that gets attention.

The perceived lack of activity is due to a relative vacuum of leadership that is both leading and communicating about the Lojban community as a community.

I am partly responsible for this, as Founder and long-time president. My (inevitable) decline as I passed into older age and health problems left me with the time and energy (and more important, the focus) to see that things got done.

Others have stepped up, probably more of you-all than ever stepped up before. But we don't have any single dynamic leader who speaks for the community, or even who aspires to speak for even a large chunk of the community. Our much-respected webmaster, Robin Powell largely filled in the vacuum as I stepped back, from roughly 2000 to 2015. But he also reached the point where burnout and other competing aspects of life (like childrearing) have reduced his time and enthusiasm, as mine had ebbed by 2000.

But in the era when I was most active, and again in the era when Robin was most active, only a handful of Lojbanists at any one time were in the background getting stuff done. Now there are a lot more, but none of them stand out to the community.

As for LogFests, I held them almost singlehandedly up until around 2000, here at my house, in conjunction with annual meetings of the LLG formal membership, which guaranteed some minimum attendance and also provided structure to the weekend-long events. During Robin's era, Matt Powell held a couple of LogFest-like events in Michigan, and others held somewhat less-planned events around the US, with Robin usually providing much of the leadership/organization involved. But the events were relatively unorganized, and the LLG organization became entirely Internet-driven.

Currently, many of the most active Lojbanists are not in the US (selpa'i in Germany and gleki in Russia, for example), and the non-US Lojban community is less-organized and less able to bring together a "LogFest" rather spontaneously. LLG has passed out of my control, but hasn't yet managed to get itself organized to the extent that it can lead others into activity.

It will be largely up to the rest of you to step forward (at least some of the time) if you want to see things happen. LLG and the Lojban community remain an entirely volunteer organization. There are a few thousand US dollars in the bank to cover incidental expenses, but not even enough to pay for one full-time person (or even half-time). So where the community of Lojbanists will go depend on what the members of the community step forward and lead others to want to go.


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