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[lojban] Re: jbovlaste got a bug

2018-08-20 8:24 GMT+03:00 Robin Lee Powell <rlpowell@digitalkingdom.org>:
On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 10:35:35PM +0300, Gleki Arxokuna wrote:
> http://jbovlaste.lojban.org/dict/coi
> no idea why is that happening. probably we need to roll back
> latest commits?

So it turns out the database needs to be cleaned more often; I've
fixed that.

This revealed some further corruption; there should never be two
valsi with the same name in the DB, but there were.

I'm not completely familiar with jbovlaste's code but:
1. one valsi can have many definitions in many languages.
2. one valsi can have more than one definition in the same language!

Is this okay? This has always been like that. People been adding several definitions for one valsi for years, that's a useful feature.

There were two "ue'i"; one of them is now http://jbovlaste.lojban.org/dict/xue'i

I would like y'all to move whatever useful data is there to the real
ue'i and then I'll delete xue'i; let me know when I can do that.

There were two "jboselbau"; one of them had no definitions and I've
deleted it.

jbovlaste=# select valsiid, word, typeid from valsi where word='ue''i';
 valsiid | word | typeid
   28921 | ue'i |      8
   32520 | ue'i |      8
(2 rows)

jbovlaste=# update valsi set word='xue''i' where valsiid=32520;
jbovlaste=# select valsiid, word, typeid from valsi where word='jboselbau';
 valsiid |   word    | typeid
   32454 | jboselbau |      4
   32513 | jboselbau |      4
(2 rows)

jbovlaste=# update valsi set word='jboselxau' where valsiid=32513;

jbovlaste=# select * from definitions where valsiid=32520;
 langid | valsiid | definitionnum | definitionid | definition  |    notes     | userid |    time    | selmaho | jargon
      1 |   32520 |         71019 |        71019 | sei ue'inmo | .i {ue'inmo} |    523 | 1533291649 | UI1     |
(1 row)

jbovlaste=# select * from definitions where valsiid=32513;
 langid | valsiid | definitionnum | definitionid | definition | notes | userid | time | selmaho | jargon
(0 rows)

jbovlaste=# delete from valsi where valsiid=32513;

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