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[lojban] Re: LLG Isn't Dead

If you, or anyone else, I'd interested in participating in the current members meeting for the LLG (Logical Language Group) we are now using Mattermost through this link to join, then the second for the specific group. 



Everyone interested in lojban and in promoting it is welcome. 

Logical Language Group 

On Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 8:43:45 AM UTC-5, Benoit Neil wrote:
> Good thing to know. Thank you for telling.
> I'll keep the info (aout joining) in mind.
> la .sykyndyr.
> Le dimanche 24 décembre 2017 18:34:53 UTC+1, karis a écrit :I've been seeing posts in various places that say that the LLG (Logical Language Group) is basically, or actually, dead. I'm very happy to say this isn't so. While most of what it has done recently is meetings and these have been extended due to the former president's health problems, there are people like those who have been actively learning lojban, creating writings and videos in it, and/or working on projects to benefit the broad community. The LLG is struggling to be active because it's in a lull without much infusion of this energy. Any and all of you can join the LLG Members' Meetings and bring this energy to them. Taking a few minutes every day or three to read any  emails that have come in, and write a response or question one in a while is all it takes. Lurkers are always welcome. If you want to take a look were in an interesting part of the current meeting right now, so email me and I'll add you to the chat.
> .karis.

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