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Re: [lojban] BPFK Membership Query


If I'm not mistaken, prospective new members have to be voted upon by the membership and a majority of positive votes is needed. Furthermore, the prospective members should have a sufficient command on the language to read and write in it, as the discussions in the BPFK mailing list are conducted only in Lojban.

IIRC the latest BPFK membership policies were discussed in that thread:



la .eris. wrote:
I'm interested in the development and design of Lojban. I am curious what the required qualifications (or procedure, or the like) are for membership on the BPFK. I highly doubt that I'm currently qualified, but I'd like to know what I can do to move toward the goal of becoming a member eventually. Thanks in advance!

mi'e .eris.

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