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Re: [lojban] BPFK Membership Query

On 2/24/2019 1:52 AM, la .eris. wrote:
I'm interested in the development and design of Lojban. I am curious what the required qualifications (or procedure, or the like) are for membership on the BPFK. I highly doubt that I'm currently qualified, but I'd like to know what I can do to move toward the goal of becoming a member eventually. Thanks in advance!

mi'e .eris.

At present, the LLG membership is debating whether to continue the existence of BPFK, because participation has been too low in the opinion of the BPFK chairman (jatna), who is known by the handle selpa'i. Normally you would contact him at his email to join.

To become a voting member, the only real requirement is to sign up and eventually show up at the annual meeting. You can do this *now* (and participate in the meeting discussion, even if your vote cannot count until you are a member), because the online meeting that started last year is still continuing (we're trying to fix that, but health problems have interfered).

The website is:


The site may come up in French, unless someone figured how to change the default.

You change the language (if I remember correctly) by clicking on the 3 bar "Main menu" icon at the up left, then clicking on the first option which is "Account settings" and then "Display" which has an eye icon next to it, and the last item is the language, which you can edit to make it "English". It may still say Francais, but everything should now be English.

Several public channels can then be joined. The Members Meeting is called "LLG Members Meeting". It is open to all interested members of the Lojban community.

Bob LeChevalier - VP and Founder

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