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Level -1 doc.

So, the Level 0 book has been produced.

It will cost $12 to print and comb-bind at your local Kinko's.  It'll
cost $1500 to get a thousand of them printed.  www.iuniverse.com can do
print-on-demand at $159 + ~$10/book.

All of which is fine, but it was agreed at the meeting that we do *not*
want to be sending that shit out to anyone who just randomly asks about
the language.

If y'all disagree and think we should do POD *out* *of* *our* *pockets*
for the 30 or so people that have sent random snail-mail asking about
lojban over the last few years, hey, great, I'm all for it.

If not, I've agreed to write something that will fit in a normal
envelope that we can then do POD for to get those 30-or-so cleared up.
Help would be nice.  8)





http://www.digitalkingdom.org/~rlpowell/ 	BTW, I'm male, honest.
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