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Re: [POD] {Please Read} CLL shipment issues.

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 09:14:29PM -0700, Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> Bet you forgot you were on this list, huh?
> We need to do something with the CLLs.  I'd prefer to scatter them
> about the world, but if you want some you have to actually sign
> something that says that if you are no longer willing/able to ship
> them out in a timely fashion when requested, you'll send them to a
> place of the LLGs choice at your expense.
> So, who wants some?

Just to reiterate what I said on IRC, I can almost surely take hundreds
of them. Many hundreds. I've got lots of space.

But if someone (Bob?) could perhaps provide measurements of the boxes
they're in now, and exact figures on how many remain, then that would
help me estimate how many I really can take. (And then other people
will be able to measure their closets, etc.)

Jay Kominek <jkominek@miranda.org>
X is the second worst windowing system in the
world, but all the others are tied for first.