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Re: [POD] Re: {Please Read} CLL shipment issues.

At 12:01 AM 8/4/03 -0600, Jay F Kominek wrote:
Just to reiterate what I said on IRC, I can almost surely take hundreds
of them. Many hundreds. I've got lots of space.

But if someone (Bob?) could perhaps provide measurements of the boxes
they're in now, and exact figures on how many remain, then that would
help me estimate how many I really can take. (And then other people
will be able to measure their closets, etc.)

For the most part, there are two sizes of boxes, very similar. I can't easily give a count of each because they are stacked behind things against a wall. My estimate is 45 boxes total, give or take 3-4. The 2 box sizes are approx 17 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 12 1/2 usually with 20 books (60 lb) and 17 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 11 1/2 usually with 16 books (50 lb), but at least a couple are marked with varying numbers.

Since we are talking about more than a ton of books, literally, shipping cost will be high unless I can find a bulk shipper who will give us a single destination savings. I believe that around twice this number of books, shipped from Ohio to here in VA cost around $250, so shipping to Jay would likely cost a bit more than that. Sending ONE box to Robin via UPS would cost almost $60, using the UPS estimator. Th US Postal service would charge around $20 via media mail parcel post to Robin, plus around $9 for insurance (I was using $800 insurance for the UPS shipping.)

Needless to say, at these shipping costs, the books need to have a near-permanent home. Otherwise it would be cheaper to dump them in a local storage unit and send a couple of boxes to people doing order fulfillment as needed.

It also might be worthwhile finding out what order fulfillment companies charge. We'd pay for storage, and a relatively small per-book charge, but if it is near here, it might not cost as much for them to store them as to ship them to someone of us who then has to handle order fulfillment. And they tend to get better shipping rates due to bulk. But I've only done some light web-checking on this and not sought any serious pricing. Likewise I have not had time yet to look for bulk shipping estimates.


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