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[Wikichanges] Wiki page lojbo prenu changed by viktor

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@@ -Lines: 15-19 changed to +Lines: 15-19 @@
* ((Adam Cooper)) aka komfo,amonan
* ((Theodore Reed)) aka bancus
- * ((Viktor Medrano)) aka viktor
+ * ((Viktor Medrano)) aka viktor aka nonong
* ((aionys)) aka eyeonus

The new page content follows below.

Lojbanic Personalities

* la ((cein)). po'u le ((lojbo)) ((cilre))

* la ((kreig.daniyl.)) joi la ((Michael Helsem|maiky'elsym)) cu te pemci bau la lojban.

* la ((rab.spir)) finti le ((JbozgiMusic|jbozgi)).

* la [http://www.lojban.org/wiki/index.php/Bob%20LeChevalier|lojbab] cu lobja'a

* ((Robin Lee Powell)) aka camgusmis

* ((Matt Arnold)) aka epkat

* ((Arnt Richard Johansen)) aka ((Broca))

* ((Mark Shoulson)) aka clsn

* ((Adam Lopresto)) aka Eimi

* ((John Woldemar Cowan)) author of The Complete Lojban Language

* ((Stephen Weeks)) aka Tene

* ((John Schock)) aka djancak

* ((Adam Cooper)) aka komfo,amonan

* ((Theodore Reed)) aka bancus

* ((Viktor Medrano)) aka viktor aka nonong

* ((aionys)) aka eyeonus

ko ji'a viska ((Info about individuals (mostly lojbanists)|ti))


aka ((jbopre))

* .i .ui mi nelci cuxna zoi my. ((long tanru)) .my.

** Me too, but there are certain lujvo that have gained enough of a meaning that they are recommended in daily use. I do not even know what ''kai'' is a rafsi for, though I use the words javnakai and tavlakai. You won't find anyone saying ''bridi valsi'' or ''se cmavo'' - only brivla and selma'o.

***''javnakai'' is a type-4 fu'ivla. ''ta vlakai'' means "that has wordness".

**** I did not invent these lujvo, and they are both bad. javnakai should be javnikai, and tavlakai falis the ((tosmabru test)). But they are used. Uh-oh.

**** Sorry, just rechecked where they first popped up. All that over nothing: It's javnykai and tavlykai.

*** ''kai'' is a ((rafsi)) for ''ckaji'', which means ''to have a property'', since everything which has a given property has that property, ''-kai'' doesn't change the meaning. (''mi na tugni di'u'' Well, what's the difference then?) Use something like ''-smi'', ''-(sel)te'i'', or ''-cfu''.

* ma ckajykai

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