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Re: test example

On Wednesday 02 September 2009 08:51:25 xorxes wrote:
> This is the kind of language proficiency test I have in mind:
> http://www.transparent.com/tlquiz/proftest/english/tlengtest.htm
> (English test)
> http://www.transparent.com/tlquiz/proftest/spanish/tlspatest.htm
> (Spanish test)
> (there are several other languages there)
> It's all multiple choice, divided into grammar, vocabulary and reading
> comprehension sections. This won't be enough for a full proficiency
> test, but for the first couple of levels seems ok and simple to do.
> What do you think?

This looks like what I have in mind too. (I got 91% on Spanish.)

Some questions for the test:

lo _cipnrkuku_ cu _punji_ le ri _sodva_ le zdani be lo _drata_ cipni .i _no 
(The letters A-E should be under the underlines. I'm not sure of the best way 
to do this. Perhaps put the whole sentence in an HTML table with the 
underlined words in cells.)

I have a beard.
A. mi ponse lo xe'akre
B. mi se xe'akre
C. lo xe'akre po mi
D. mi lo xe'akre cu ponse
E. mi du xe'akre

What other kinds of questions would be needed for a full proficiency test?