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Re: [bpfk-announce] Re: gismu jbovlaste Keywords poll.

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 10:05:47AM -0500, Adam D. Lopresto wrote:
> My only reservation is that it seems there should be a way to see all
> such changes.  From what I've seen of jbovlaste, it doesn't seem like
> one could easily do that.  If there were just some query so one could
> look through and say "Sure, that's all fine." then I'd have no
> problems at all.

That's an excellent point.  It's actually not hard to do at a database
level; all of the automated stuff is done with particular timestamps, so
one could just look for 'officialdata' activity that doesn't match those
timestamps.  That'll take a bit of work to implement, but it is

In the meantime, would everyone be happy with me maintaining a page
listing such changes?  Given the amount of stuff I'm in charge of around
here, I'm assuming you all trust me to not actively lie about that sort
of thing.


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