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Pre-Rump Mega-Vote

For those of you who are not on or ignore the WikiChanges list, I just
made a change to the Checkpoints section that amounts to a policy
clarification.  I'll just paste it here.

 Far future: Pre-Rump Mega-Vote

 At some point, the BPFK needs to declare itself finished with producing
 cmavo definitions and whatever else it ends up doing.  IOW, it needs to
 get to the point where the entire group can look at the language and
 say, "OK, *that* is a well-specified language".  This is not to occur
 until after every section has been in a completed checkoint.  It then
 devolves into a rump committee for future unforseen emergencies.

 When this blessed time period seems to have arrived, the jatna will
 call for the Pre-Rump Mega-Vote.  This will be a non-time-limited mass
 discussion in which every single section of the language is open for
 debate, to continue until consensus minus one is reached.  The goal is
 to iron out any outstanding conflicts between sections.  Hopefully this
 won't take long.


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