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[dracyselkei] Next Steps

OK, so Star Wars seems to be the winner.  We'll be starting with a
short adventure in that universe (6-8 sessions is my goal).

You should all read at least the character creation section of

You should think about your character a bit.

The setting will partially depend on how many people want to be
Jedi; I'm fine with an all Jedi group.  If you do want to be a Jedi,
you should probably begin to become familiar with

Non-Jedi are fine too; just let me know what sort of character you
have in mind.

If you want to discuss your character via e-mail, please include the
whole group.

The setting will be at some unspecified time after the events of
but long before the main series; closer to KOTOR than the main
series, in fact.  I have no nailed down the plot; I want to see how
character creation goes.

Ideally, we'll do character creation on either Tuesday, 2 Oct 2007
or Monday, 8th Oct 2007.  Monday 1 Oct 2007 is right out for me;

We'll probably be using Stephen's mumble server for the actual voice

I'd like someone to volunteer to be in charge of posting recordings
and a plot summary in their own (Lojban) words after each session.
That way others can see what we're doing.

I'll be creating a page for the campaign soon-ish.


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