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[dracyselkei] Let's try this again.

So I find myself again in the mood to run a Lojban RPG (apparently I
hate having no free time, and would like to have even less).

The game will be held Monday night, around 19:00 Pacific time (i.e.
the same time as STWUR was).  This is seriously about the only time
I can make, but if you're desperately interested and that doesn't
work for you, talk to me privately.

If you would (still) like to participate, please send me (or the
list, I don't much care) a list of fictional universes you are
familiar with and might like to play in.  There's be enough new
things going on that I'd really like to stick with something
everyone knows.  If you are familiar with particular role-playing
systems, say those too.

Note that I have a strong preference for universes with magic or
equivalents (psychic powers, ridiculously advanced tech, whatever)
and the possibility of super-powerful player characters.

If you don't want to play or can't play, you are welcome to stay on
this list, or not.  If not, mail me privately or remove yourself or



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