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Re: Anything but tautologies (was: Re: [jboske] Re: [lojban] tautologies

la xod cusku di'e

do prenu fi'o rebla zo'e .i do prenu fi'o rebla noda .i la'edi'u cfipu fi

i le du'u le remei jufra cu natfe le pamei

Anyway, whatever is in the 4th place of fancu needs to be interpreted as a
function. If I stick "1" in there, it can only mean a function that
returns "1" for all arguments, right? After all, if I had put "sin" in the
4th place, wouldn't that mean that the function was described by "sin"?

You mean the word "sin"? zo sin? By analogy that would be a function that returns the word "sin" for every argument. But of course you don't mean the word "sin", the name of the function, you mean the sine function. In Lojban: le sinso ve fancu. (lo fancu is not a function, it is a word, a name. The place structure of fancu is really crazy.)

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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