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RE: Anything but tautologies

<You didn't like my way of handling functions, because I use
{makau}. In this case I would say {le du'u makau du li pa}.
More interesting functions will use {ce'u} for the independent
variable, so {le du'u makau sinso ce'u} (literally "what its
sine is", would be the sine function. For example:

fancu li pai li no le du'u makau sinso ce'u
Pi is mapped to 0 by what its sine is.>

A problem with {le du'u makau du li pa} is that 1, as a function, typically has no domain (well, its domain is the empty set) and its range is singleton 1 (of course).  So, the {makau} never gets relieved strictly speaking.  Or is always already relieved and so should not appear.
How does a more normal polynomial go?
By the way, the use of {sinso} reminds us why we need names for functions -- call it {uizbangi} so we can say {ko'a uizbangi ko'e ko'i}.