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Re: [lojban] Re: [jboske] RE: Anything but tautologies

In a message dated 2/14/2002 9:44:25 PM Central Standard Time, jjllambias@hotmail.com writes:

Then it's a different function than the one xod and I had been
discussing. We were talking of one that mapped a series of
propositions to a constant value of 1.

Is a function the way you use the word something different than
a mapping?

Well, I notice that xod's version also left no space for an argument and had it defined as a 0-level polynomial, so it wouuld in effect be the same thing albeit presented less clearly.  It is also a 0-level mapping, i.e., from the empty set to the constant.

<I don't see the need to put {zo fy} in the x1 place.>

Oh, it's just the first place you mind.  Well, it is natural to say "Whizbang is the funtion from nats to nats such that...", but I agree that for any other use this is a really bad choice.  But, as I said, this was designed for introducing functions (I suspect it follows some computer language protocol as well).