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Re: [lojban] Re: [jboske] RE: Anything but tautologies

la pycyn cusku di'e

Yes, we have the same, so I don't see the problem with saying, for example,
{le du'u makau terkorli'e ce'u cu fancu ..." rather than {lu le du'u makau
terkorli'e ce'u... li'u cu fancu} and, indeed, the second is just false.

Great! We are in complete agreement there.

I presume that fancu1 is the standard
short name of the function, fancu4 the more complex name that tells you how
to calculate it, in the instant case (le du'u makau sumji ce'u li pa}.

This is where things start to make no sense to me. No other selbri restricts its places to short or complex names for their arguments. If you want to refer to a goer in the x1 of klama, you can use {la djan} or {le pendo be le mensi be le patfu be le lamji xabju}, both go in x1 of klama, there is no place for simple references and another place to refer to the same argument but with a complex reference.

I a
really hideous case, a whole program (and so probably omitted at that point
-- or marked with a cross reference to its layout).

No matter how hideous, it doesn't justify duplicating the x1 place. If you want it as the last argument you can always reorder the places.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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