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Re: [lojban] Re: [jboske] RE: Anything but tautologies

la pycyn cusku di'e

Well, as a noted, it would rarely be a duplication and when it would be, the
duplicate could be very short ({vo'a} or {vo'o} depending on where you put
the original).

But it would always be a duplication of the argument. In other words:

ro da ro de ro di ro daxipa zo'u
ganai da de di daxipa fancu gi da du daxipa

fancu1 = fancu4 always, doesn't it? Aside from {du}, is there
any other selbri with this curious behaviour?

I don't think there is anything objectionable in the definition of {fancu},
properly understood.

Then maybe I haven't understood it properly yet. Having two places for the same argument is objectionable to me.

(And having domain and range instead of values belonging to
the domain and range in x2 and x3 is even more objectionable.)

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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