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la pycyn cusku di'e

> 'lei gerku cu gunma lei gerku' What do you put
> in the second place?

I would put {ro lo gerku} or a list, that is, consider them separately,
which is the point of massifying.

If you say {lei gerku cu gunma ro gerku} you are saying that the mass of dogs is a gumna to each dog. But the gi'uste explicitly says that the x2 is not for an individual component of the mass, but all of them taken together.

If {gunma} is a mass-component relationship, the gi'uste is wrong.
If it is between the mass and the components-as-a-mass, then
it entails x1=x2.

Your other suggestion, a "list", how would it go into Lojban?
Probably as a set, so {gunma} would be the mass-set relationship,
but again that would make the gi'uste definition wrong.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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