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Re: [jboske] gunma

la and cusku di'e

#1- lei re prenu cu gunma la djan e la meris
#2- lei re prenu cu gunma la djan joi la meris
#3- lei re prenu cu gunma la djan ce la meris
#pc says 1, the gi'uste says 2, and John Cowan says 3.
#I prefer the gi'uste version in this case.

Why? I would have said I preferred 3, except usually I agree
with you.

Just my general tendency to get rid of sets. Another possibility that occured to me lalter (and which the wording of the gi'uste more or less suggests) is:

"x1 is a mass of components x2, x3, x4... considered jointly"

with an open place structure. Something like "x1 is the sum
of x2 and x3", which I also think should be expansible.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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