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[jbovlaste] Re: No Catch

In a message dated 7/20/2006 8:11:53 AM Central Standard Time, ybatura@mail.ru writes:

>> By the way, would it be possible to construct a proper lujvo for "catch" if
>> there was no gismu {kavbu}?

You ask if it's "possible" to construct a "proper" lujvo for "catch".  
1) I think that it's certainly possible to construct such a lujvo.  The lujvo may not be very good, but it's still possible.
2) What's a "proper" lujvo?  Well-formed?  Easily guessed?  Both?  
3) What meaning(s) of "catch" do you want the lujvo to mean?  How do you discriminate between different lujvo for the sense you want?  Does catching a fish use the same word as catching a ball thrown to you?  Does a dog catch a Frisbee with the same word that I catch a Frisbee with?  How is the catching performed?  What is caught?  Using the word "catch" leaves a lot of leeway.  (In fact, "kavbu" captures some, but not all, of the senses of 'catch'.)