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[jbovlaste] Adding gloss words to gismu

Semi-summary of a discussion on #lojban today:

It is generally agreed that the 'officialdata' gismu and cmavo definitions in jbovlaste are lacking in gloss words; even ones obviously derivable from the definition.

officialdata's definitions are only to be changed by action of the BPFK; however, ordinary jbovlaste users are allowed to create definitions for official jbovla.

Therefore, an ordinary user can create a definition of an official jbovla which differs only in having additional gloss words. The consequences are:

Since officialdata overrides all normal votes, looking up the jbovla or any of the natlang gloss words which the official definition includes will give the official definition.

Since both the jbovlaste browsing interface and the DICT interface do not link from natlang words to specific definitions, looking up the added gloss words will give the jbovla in general, without specifying either the official or unofficial definition.

I am not familiar with the dictionary generation facility in jbovlaste, so I will not comment on the consequences for that.

For example: I have added such definitions to three words: {coi}, {co'o}, and {ralju}.

Additionally, should the BPFK choose to make additional official gloss words, it should be possible to query jbovlaste's database for official words which have definitions by both officialdata and other users.

Kevin Reid                            <http://homepage.mac.com/kpreid/>