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[jbovlaste] Re: Terminology usage of words

On Saturday 13 May 2006 03:19, Yanis Batura wrote:
> There are words that have a special meaning in the corresponding field.
> For example, chess figures are called:
> pawn  {sonci}
> knight {xirma} or {xirno'i}
> bishop {xanto}
> rook {slanydi'u}
> queen {noltruni'u}
> king {noltrunau} or {nolraitru}

If you use a brivla in a special terminological sense, the place structure 
must carry over, else the word becomes polysemous, which is not allowed for 
brivla. So if a pawn is a sonci, it's a soldier in some army. Which it is; 
the white pawn is a soldier in the army consisting of all white chessmen. But 
the bishop and the knight are not elephants or horses of any species.